Will adjustment of emergency household products be delayed due to appointment of new Minister of Health and Welfare?

June 23, 2017 Posted by Yakup

While appointment of the absent Minister of Health and Welfare is getting delayed, the Ministry of Health and Welfare(MOHW) has been careful in expressing an opinion about adjusting the list of emergency household products in convenient store. At the same time, there are expectations that new po...

What is the most prescribed biologic for rheumatoid arthritis?

June 23, 2017 / Posted by Yakup

A result was out that ‘Actemra(generic name: tocilzumab),’ a JW Pharmaceutical’s interleukin-6 receptor inhibitor, was the most prescribed pharmaceutical product among biologics u...

KCDC & WHO seek for plans on vaccine safety control system

June 23, 2017/ Posted by Yakup

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(Director Ki-Suck Jung, KCDC) will jointly hold an international symposium with the World Health Organization(WHO) for the first time in Korea to...

‘Champix’ extended in usage by gradual smoking cessation

June 23, 2017/ Posted by Yakup

On the 12th, Champix(generic name: varenicline tartrate), a Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Korea’s(CEO/President Dong-Wook Oh) supportive therapy of quitting smoking, was approved from the Ministry o...

KCDC reveals living-donor liver transplant complication occurs on less than 2% and 0% mortality

June 23, 2017/ Posted by Yakup

It was reported the major complication rate after living-donor liver transplant surgery was less than 2% at the Korean Organ Transplantation Registry(KOTRY, Senior Researcher Kyu-Ri Ahn) study supp...

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