FTC’s inspection on unfair uses of patent rights in pharmaceutical and bio-tech fields

September 20, 2017 Posted by Yakup

The Fair Trade Commission(FTC) will inspect unfair uses of patent rights in the pharmaceutical and bio-tech fields. Fair Trade Commissioner Sang-Jo Kim announced a plan to carry out the 5 key projects in the following at a work report at the National Assembly State Affairs Committee on the 18th:...

Expert Committee, ‘We accepts importance of creating legal bases for off-label uses’

September 21, 2017 / Posted by Yakup

Importance of creating a revision bill to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, which create a base to evaluate safety and efficacy about off-label use of pharmaceutical drugs, was accepted. Young-Hwan ...

Pharmaceutical distribution association raises pressure level on pharmas’ unfair behaviors

September 21, 2017/ Posted by Yakup

The pharmaceutical distribution industry will raise a level of pressure on pharmaceutical companies’ unfair behaviors through the National Assembly and the government. The Korea Pharmaceutic...

Keytruda Inj and Opdivo Inj approved promptly for off-label use

September 21, 2017/ Posted by Yakup

The Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service(President Seung-Taek Kim, HIRA) decided to approve off-label uses of Keytruda Inj(generic name: pembrolizumab) and Opdivo Inj(generic name: nivo...

Bulim Pharm sweeps Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital’s tenders of annual KRW 60 billion medicine supply

September 21, 2017/ Posted by Yakup

Bulim Pharm made a sweep of the wins at tenders for university hospitals in the Busan area. At the Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital’s medicine tender on the 19th for an yearly amou...

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