Will return of President Jay-Hyun Lee accelerate IPO process?

August 30, 2016 Posted by Yakup

As President Jay-Hyun Lee of CJ Group went free by the President’s special pardons on the Liberation Day, CJ HealthCare is expected to accelerate a procedure to go public.   CJ HealthCare is a key affiliate in the biopharmaceutical and life science fields that will play the next-...

Kwang Dong’s targeted therapy Afinitor challenges to patent

August 30, 2016 / Posted by Yakup

Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical started to develop a first generic of ‘Afinitor(generic name: everolimus),’ a Novartis’ targeted therapy. Used to treat diseases such as breast cancer a...

Pharmacy circles, Harvoni & Sovaldi are pies in the sky unless having cash power

August 30, 2016/ Posted by Yakup

A phenomenon to avoid Gilead’s hepatitis C treatments which cost millions of wons ‘Harvoni’ and ‘Sovaldi’ is getting intensified. Since both local and hospital pharmac...

Competition in long-acting schizophrenia injections between Otsuka and Janssen

August 30, 2016/ Posted by Yakup

When it comes to treating schizophrenia, competition among long-acting injections(LAIs) is about to be intensified. This is because a series of new drug launches are expected for schizophrenia pa...

Great success at surgical symposium, avoiding ‘THAAD’ issue

August 30, 2016/ Posted by Yakup

While the relationship between Korea and China became cold due to the THAAD installation issue, it was suggested the issue might impact various academic symposiums in Korea, such as a low participa...

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