Pharma industry about Kim Young-Ran Law, “Company’s excessive pressure causes adverse effect”

October 28, 2016 Posted by Yakup

The 28th of October will be the day the Kim Young-Ran Law has been enforced for a month. Known as the ‘Bribery Prohibition Law,’ the law, which has brought both positive and negative impacts across the nation, has also caused confusion in the pharmaceutical industry. Managers taking ...

2 of 5 listed pharmas have more than 2 CEOs

October 28, 2016 / Posted by Yakup

2 of 5 listed pharmaceutical companies were known to run their companies with more than 2 CEOs. With the purpose to responsibly run their company by sharing roles between the largest shareholder a...

No. of pharmacies was 21,267 in 2015, increased by 209

October 28, 2016/ Posted by Yakup

The Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service(Director Myung-Sae Sohn) and the National Health Insurance Service(President Sang-Cheol Sung) published the ‘2015 Year Book for National H...

MFDS’s plan to recruit large number of doctors

October 28, 2016/ Posted by Yakup

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety(MFDS) is discussing a plan to recruit doctors as examiners to evaluate Korean pharmaceutical approvals for synthesized drugs and biomedicines. It was known the...

Rebate activities will eventually bring back negative impacts

October 28, 2016/ Posted by Yakup

“In the past, we had to have rebate activities to survive, but now we have to stop them to survive.” This was a well-known statement among CEOs in the pharmaceutical industry after enf...

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