6th Deliberative Committee for Emergency Household Medicines got vague this January

January 16, 2018 Posted by Yakup

It has been vague that the ‘6th Deliberative Committee for Adjustment of the Emergency Household Medicine List’ would be held as scheduled this January. While a half of this January has already passed, it seems the key of the committee will be how the government would be able to comm...

ACRC starts to eradicate corruptions in the health care field

January 16, 2018 / Posted by Yakup

The government will have run a reporting period to eradicate illegal rebates in the health care field. The Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission(Chairperson Eun-Jung Park, ACRC) announced ...

Appearance of oral Gaucher disease treatment, ‘Cerdelga’

January 16, 2018/ Posted by Yakup

Sanofi Genzyme has started to enter competition in the Gaucher disease treatment market as launching Cerdelga(generic name: eliglustat), an oral Gaucher disease treatment, with the health insurance...

BioKorea & ICCK sign agreement for Korea-India biotech industries

January 16, 2018/ Posted by Yakup

The Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization(President Jung-Sun Seo, KoreaBio) announced on the 15th the association signed a agreement for the Korea-India biotech industrial cooperation with the ...

Plan to strengthen current law by extending health insurance suspension from 1 year to 3 years

January 16, 2018/ Posted by Yakup

A bill was tabled to strengthen punishments for drug illegal rebates by extending a period of insurance benefit suspension to 3 years and raising the upper limit price for fines by 60%. People&rsq...

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