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Profile of new MOHW minister, JOO YANG-JA

Dr. Joo Yang Ja (67) was nominated as the 35th Minister of the MOHW. She, as a medical doctor, has vigorously carried out social as well as political activities in the National Assembly, and was listed on t...

The MOHW set 14,500 M. Won Subsidy for a New Drug R&D.

The lst meeting of Health Medical Technology Policy Deliberation Committee of the MOHW set 14,500 M. Won Subsidy for a New Drug R&D. According to the government subsidy plan for the R&D in the health med...

Overall Drug reclassification

As of Sept. 1996 the total number of pharmaceutical products registered 26,107 items. The Drug Classification Subcommittee of the Korea Institute of Health and Social Affairs (KIHASA), took a drug reclassification...

Simple OTC drugs sold at other stores than pharmacy.

A deregulation promotion meeting was held under the auspice of the Prime Minister on Jan. 31 and determined that a simple OTC drug be sold at a non-pharmacy store. The deregulation ...

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