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Hot competition in commercialization of the first new drug in Korea.

Since the second half of 1980s the research oriented pharmaceutical companies have made quite an investment for an R&D of new drug discovery, and now is the time for these companies to visualize their fruit for the fi...

1999 perspective in drug industry: R&D of new drugs

After the adoption of product patent system in 1987, the local drug industry has exerted its best efforts for developing new drugs. Now, after a long dark tunnel, a small spot light seems to shine. SKI2053R (Sunfla...

New drug R&D no hindered by IMF crisis report meeting

Korea Union of New Drug Research and Development (Chairman: Lim Sung-ki) (KUNRD) plans to held a report meeting of the G7 research project at the international conference hall of Korea Institute of Science and ...

Amicable M&A possibility exposed to multinational corporation

Korea government eliminated restrictive provisions in stock markets, allowing foreigners to purchase up to 55% shares of a domestic firm, which provides many ossibilities for domestic pharmaceutical companies ...

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