News About: Pharm. Affairs

New cosmetics for pharmacy markets.

Many physiological active cosmetics such as enhancing a metabolism, skin moisture and oily condition booster are recently launched mainly through pharmacy markets. The main ingredients of such cosmetics are chi...

KPhA standing commissions reshuffled

For promotion of organization efficiency the KPhA launched restructuring the body to 17 standing commissions including the special commission, by discontinuing the information commission for transfer of...

New pharmacists hardly find jobs

The IMF economic crisis hit a heavy blow to the recruitment of new pharmacists in pharmaceutical industry. Most of company announced their freezing policy in new employment of pharmacists and reducing number ...

KPA and KFDA jointly counter measuring against illicit and substandard drugs.

The KPA and the KFDA sensitively concerned about the illicit and substandard drugs in the market and agreed to take a joint effort to eliminate drug wholesaler's distributions and supplies to other than retail pharmac...

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