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New issuance of Cialis prescriptions surpassing Viagra.

A new prescription issuance for Cialis has far surpassed Viagra. The total Cialis prescription rate of 37.3% just ran after Viagra of 42.3% according to the survey conducted by Hong Kong based research company named "...

KPhA to hold extraordinary meeting on Nov. 30 for final conclusion of current issues.

The KPhA plans to have an extraordinary meeting on Nov. 30 again to ratify the issues agreed in the 3 way talks of the government, the medical and the pharmacy representatives concerning the revised bill of the pharma...

Drug distribution information system program in troubles.

The drug industry harshly complained about "Helfline" a drug distribution information system, especially from those who took part in the Helfline briefing meeting on March 28, as saying that the program was made very ...

KPA and KFDA jointly counter measuring against illicit and substandard drugs.

The KPA and the KFDA sensitively concerned about the illicit and substandard drugs in the market and agreed to take a joint effort to eliminate drug wholesaler's distributions and supplies to other than retail pharmac...

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