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Sufficient insecticide product supply

The distribution industry assumed earlier that due to Samsung's business setback caused by the financial dishonor last year "D" company might increase the prices of their insecticides, and therefore on...

Zuellig's business launch soon.

The business entry movement of a Swiss pharmaceutical distribution company, Zuellig seems to be surfaced pretty soon. Many interested communities including Korea Pharm. Wholesaler's association tried to d...

Future drug distribution channel

Article 57, Para 1 No. 7 of the working rule of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law was formulated in July 1994, stipulating that the drug supply to general hospitals having over 100 beds should be made ...

Drug distribution information system program in troubles.

The drug industry harshly complained about "Helfline" a drug distribution information system, especially from those who took part in the Helfline briefing meeting on March 28, as saying that the program was made very ...

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