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65 new drugs accepted to the entry of SNU Hospital formulary.

Seoul National Univ. hospital announced to invite a public tender on Jan. 20, covering 33 insurance drugs including Cobamide (1mg/2ml) and 32 imported products like Endy plus, the total 65 items. However, out of 6...

1999 perspective in drug industry: Health and medical development plans.

The public hearing over the government consolidate project for the 21 century health and medical development took place at the auditorium hall of the Korea Institute of Health and Social Affairs on Nov. 17 and suggest...

New issuance of Cialis prescriptions surpassing Viagra.

A new prescription issuance for Cialis has far surpassed Viagra. The total Cialis prescription rate of 37.3% just ran after Viagra of 42.3% according to the survey conducted by Hong Kong based research company named "...

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